July 9, 2008

So, I have never actually updated the studio situation.

Basically, we got evicted from our first ‘ABCD’ studio which you can read about here:

We then took on a new one at the marina, in Brighton. It was adjacent to another studio that had been there for a while. We suffered a similar death there as the noise levels were to much for them to record.

Also, steve, our main gear man went to india for a year, so we have wound up with loads of gear and nowhere to play with it… i mean use it. Its a bit of a sod. In fact that reminds me i gotta remember to collect the reel to reel… dont worry Steve I will do that!

We are now semi thinking about finding a new studio.

This is because Flash Bang Band: ( ) has started getting itself together and are anticipating practicing regularly, and as i have made clear in blogs before, i find it much more interesting and better etc… to have your own studio space. esp when you share it with some musical mates…

The new place we may take on is a studio near my house that is essentially an office – it posing the same kind of problems – i see it all going a bit tits up but you never know, with a bit of soundproofing it could work out just fine.

An amazing thing is that as well as the office, the landlords have a 1 mile long tunnel up for lease! Its way out of our budget but imagine using it as a natural reverb or having a rave? Or recording a car inside it? Its massive and very cool. But its also damp and would need stupid money. We dont have stupid money – “Back to the office” then i guess. The tunnel used to be a railway tunnel. Its actually pretty darn clean inside, a bit damp and what have you, but its huge and inspiring to say the least!

So thats that really. Im making most of my music at home as a result but even thats a bit hindered at the moment due to old computer syndrome… My mac done good though seriously!