My friend chris from BEAT HAPPENING: asked me to conduct an interview with James Last, the living legend to be published in his magazine.

James Last is a very cool dude, even though he does site Justin Timberlake as his favourite new artist!

i cant convert the crap phone recording to mp3 so cant host it so read it here:


AH: hello is this james last?
J: yes!
AH: Hi james, I have an interview organised with you to do over the phone.
JL: Eh uh eh eurgh [splutter] do you have the time?
AH: The time? Do you have the time?
J: yea, um I don’t know – you are booked here? – I don’t know
AH: Yea, at 2.20
J: Ok Andy start!
AH: Ok lets go!

AH: Who and what has been the main inspiration to you over the years?

There are so many things.I don’t know – classical music, pop music, doesn’t matter, just music, anything which inspires me. I like to listen to good music all the best, the best of the best from the best of the best.

AH: So your inspired more by other music than life experiences?

JL: Yes – I like the good music – you know, whatever turns me on, young guys, making good music, its for me to listen to I can use it for my kind of music also!

AH: Do you find performing any different as you grow older?

JL: I like it very much to be in front of an audience, when people in front of you like what your doiung is beautiful!

AH Is it any more difficult to perform as you get older?

JL I am not old! I am not old I am young… How old are you?

AH: 24

JL Your just at the beginning of your life! You know I feel young, I work with young musicians – it keeps me young I think so.

AH: How have you seen the music industry change over the years?

JL: I don’t know whats going on you know. The groups, glum rum um nerm studios!, little ones, some young guys work at home on the computer. So not as much space for a big orchestra like we are you know? 40 in an orchestra, 40 technicians and guys, 80 people on tour.

AH: so not as many places for such a big organisation to play.

JL: That’s right! But we still play in big concert halls but you know they are expensive.

AH: What’s your philosophy on what music should achieve and how it should effect the listener?

JL: it should be to think positive. Have a good positive effect on the listener, a good way. To go on! Otherwise what we are doing is just a hardworking day for a nice evening you know.

AH: Is there any new music that excites you at the moment?

JL: Yes, um er Justin Timberlake – the last concert I went to.

AH: what’s the highest points of your career?

JL: Could be tommorow –I do not know!

AH: haha and what aboput in the past?

JL: I played at the openings of both the Albert hall and the sydney opera house. They were highlights, only highlights though… No one ever there before.

AH: Why do you think the UK has taken to your music more than any other country?

JL I don’t know, just people have been very into my music all of my life. Its fantastic here. 35 years – people are still coming. Even people as old as you! Still coming… it’s a good sign you know.

AH: For people not familiar with youtr work, what can they expect from your performances?

JL: old arrangements, new arrangements, new pieces. I don’t lie. U2!

AH So your going into retirement now then?

JL: Sorry? – No – cant retire.

AH you cant retire from a job like yours?!

JL – No cant retire.

AH: What about after this tour?

JL: I am doing the music for a movie – women cannot park – a car, and men cannot listen.

AH: from the book

JL yes its from the book.

AH: I met the author –

JL Ah how funny?

AH: How would you like your legacy to be remembered?

JL As a normal guy – for the people. I am a real person, I am not a superstar – you can touch me. My son works with me on tour. I love the internet, everything. To the moon! I work on a computer. I use cubase, software. I like it all, I love cubase.

AH: Apple mac or PC?

JL: Mac!

AH: Thank you – see you take care.