Hi – I am Andrew Halliday B: 07/03/1983 I live in Brighton, UK and dream of making a living purely off the back of creative activities such as making music, recording music, writing articles, interviewing people and chipping in where ever else necessary for a free meal / bed / trip!

This Blog space serves as a Kind of online CV where I can send people to view info about what I have been inolved with in the past, achievements and a music journal.

My current involvement includes:


Flash Bang Band – First interest! Band with my writing partner Len. pop music using samples. this is the main creative outlet i have. (www.myspace.com/flashbangwallop)

DR BODILY SCOTTAdvisory Electroacoustic Melodramatic Pop Solo side Project, electronic, experimental stuff. wierd. (www.myspace.com/andyouwishallday)

ABCD studios as an engineer/producer/technician/designer/manager (on hold really due to studio eviction!)


Beat Happening magazine, Brighton as a freelance journalist


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