ELectronics Projects. Scrolling Display and Monome 40 KIT!

July 13, 2008

so.i got a monome kit. I didnt get offered it i got it from one which was put on em411.com by someone who didnt want it anymore as they had made something else to their own specs.

i had never made anything like this before. I have lots of soldering experience from soldering leads / jacks on guitars etc before, and plus i did an electronics GCSE back in school but i had to work so hard to get that c grade. i never expected to use my electronics skills again. Funny how loads about these projects
was familiar, like the orientation of components and things like that. little things.

Anyway. I am doing a proper detox this weekend also – nothing excepet crackers and green/mint tea! these look like this:

tea good for you

green and mint - tea good for you

I decided to get some kits to make before jumping into doing the monome. im really glad i did this. my first kit selection was a scrolling message display which, looking at the packet should hopefully end up looking like this:

this is what the packet looks like and what it should too!

this is what the packet looks like and what it should too!

so… after about 40 minutes i ended up with this bad boy:

the end product

the end product

And just to prove it works : Light’s down!

I also purchased a ‘secret micr / speaker’ ket for going in the room next door and bugging the room to listen in from the room next door. After my remarkable success with the scrolling thing, and my new found confidence in soldering with my new amazing soldering iron (from maplins:) i decided to crack on with the monome board. I did this after a few more cups of tea and some crackers. hhmm gotta love them crackers.

here’s me soldering iron:

my nice new soldering iron from maplins

my nice new soldering iron from maplins

and for the record, i have been drinking my green/mint tea with honey and lemon in it – thats very good for you.


So i was scared of buggering the monome board up, but i learned couple of little tricks whilst making the display, what was so good about it was it uses LEDs. I havnt acctually got any LEDs yet
for my monome, but anyway… i decided to solder the pcb / firmware chip.

It was getting dark so i re located from the kitchen window into my room. this also allowed me to open up the monome site and follow the tutorial really well. I hung a lamp over my workspace so i could see well… then i lay out my chips and shiznit like this:

monome parts

monome parts

then i soldered it all together.

finished monome firmware chip bit.

finished monome firmware chip bit.

its pretty simple really once you get soldering down. However, im thinking the diodes and the LEDs are going to be a diff story as the diodes are minute… really damn small. And theres obviously lots of them. It was tricky to get the leds on my scroller to line up correctly… so the momome has to be perfect man. itll be ok im sure xx

Im thinking UV LEDs. im gonna go look for some now… will update this when i come round to that part of the process.

love you x


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