ABCD STUDIO 25/04/07

April 25, 2007

So we have arrived! Finally, after about six months of scraping for cash, gear, hoping for a result, the studio has been completed. We actually can hardly believe the fact. It has been a mission! We still have a few issues with various people regarding our existence but there we go.

The studio is below a dojo, next to another dojo, has rubbish electrics, no real light in the live room, and people trapse through the studio every five minutes to go and train their po-na na skills or whatever they do.

All in all we are totally chuffed with having our own studio which is kitted out like so:

1 x 24 track SOUNDCRAFT analog mixing desk (used to belong to Dave Watts of the Tornadoes / as in produced by Joe Meek!),

1 x 16 track Fostex p-90 multitrack reel-reel tape recorder,

1 x apple mac powerbook running Pro Tools 7.x LE 16 simultaneaous channels of audio via

1 x MOTU 896 lightpipe audio interface,

Loads of mics, some really nice ones: ribbon, dynamic, omin’s (!!!)

Gear: Vox ac 30, marshal j90, fender studio, hand made Halliday Guitars (compliments of my father, acoustic guitar and bass), vintage tama drum set, peavey big bass stack, orange cabs, effects: Ibanex ad-90, line 6 delay, tla 5056 compressor, aural exciter, loads of plug ins… millions of cables etc etc…


heres some pictures –

studio ,drum kit, ben and i,

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